Chapter 5Mature

“Yeah, I know,” Alex replied, trying not to think about the massive lie that statement was. “but I've had the worst luck this week. First Angela, then that whack-job.”

His father didn’t speak for a second. “You know, the academy hosts concealed firearms training classes every other week. If you want, I can sign you up.”

“Should he really be carrying a gun?” Alyssa asked, sounding worried.

“I think he should consider it, because he has a point. That's two times in five days he's been involved in something dangerous.”

“I don't know but,” Alex couldn't blame his mother for sounding worried; it was her way. Even so, the fact that his father was suggesting something like this sounded like a good idea to him. “would you do something like that?”

“Yeah.” Alex replied. “If that's what it takes, I'll do the class.”

“Remember son, this isn't because I want you thinking you should shoot every person you think is bad.”

“Dad, I know. I'm not careless like that.”

“I know you're not but still. If you earn the right to carry a gun, that means you're responsible for what you do with it.”

Alex felt his pulse jump a bit hearing that. He knew that tone, the one with the underlying meaning of 'I won't cover for your mistakes.' “I get you, dad. I’ll think about it and let you know.”

David nodded at that. “Oh, that reminds me. Your mother and I are going out of town next month for a few days.”

Alex raised an eyebrow at that. “To where?”

“Fulshear, out in the country near Katy. A friend of mine is inviting us to stay with him.”

The End

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