Chapter 5Mature

Damnit.” Alex thought. His mind went blank and his heart rate rose as he tried to think of something, anything to say. And then he had it. He didn't have to tell them the entire truth. Just a variation of it. A werewolf was human as well as a wolf.

Exhaling softly, he responded at last. “Someone tried to jump me.”

His mother looked panic stricken hearing those words. “What? Who?”

“I don't know. Someone trying to get my wallet, or something.”

“And you didn’t try and call me when you got back home?”

“I should have said something sooner, I know.”

“Do you remember what this guy looked like?” his father asked, his tone now a complete 180 from before.

Alex shook his head. “No. I barely saw him, but he was definitely taller than me.”

“He have a weapon?”

Alex knew what to avoid saying when that came up; any mention of knives or sharp weapons and he would be checked for wounds. “No. Just his hands.”

“He manage to grab you?”

“I'm OK, Dad. He tried, but he didn't get me. Crazy lunatic.”

His mother sighed heavily and gave a word of thanks, but his father didn’t seem completely convinced. “So, this guy jumps you, or tries to, and you didn’t see him at all?”

Alex began to respond, but then froze while doing so. “I did see him, but not enough to profile the guy, if that’s what you mean.”

“That is what I mean.”

“Maybe that was the guy who…”

“It’s possible son, and I wouldn’t rule it out, but I think you should be glad you’re OK instead.”

The End

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