Chapter 5 - UncertaintyMature

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Crescent


When he awoke the next morning, lying at the side of his bed, to his surprise, was his helmet and backpack, the shattered deck still attached to it. Remembering that he had left them behind at the park the previous night in his haste to run, he expected his father to ask why he had done such a thing.

Sliding out of bed, he felt his injuries stinging from the movement of his shoulders. Pausing at putting his first foot on the carpet, he stiffened his back and got to his feet. The tape he’d used to attach the pads crinkled some as he did.

Foregoing a shower at first, as soon as he sat down with a plate of pancakes, the questions came. “Why did you leave your things at the park last night?” In Alex's struggle to figure out an answer that would sound convincing, his stalling letting his dad continue. “Were you doing something there last night?”

“I was just skating. I left when my board broke.”

“So then, why did you leave it and your helmet there?”

Taking a breath and gripping his hands under the table, Alex felt his pulse pick up. He knew the longer he stalled, the worse it looked, but he didn't want to tell them the truth. He couldn't tell them the truth. He would look like a liar even if he did.

“Son, if you're stalling because you did something you don’t want me to hear, I'm not going to be a happy camper.”

The End

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