Chapter 4 - The Beast of Sugar LandMature

Turning himself around with his motorcycle as a temporary crutch, he saw the beast retreat to just five feet away on all fours, and face him, as if it was taunting him in return. Sniffling back once, Alex didn’t try and anger it further, even though he wanted to. If it was just going to sit there, he had a chance to run for it.

Swinging his leg over the seat, he reached for his keys with his bloodstained fingers. As the engine started up, he nearly forgot to pull up the kickstand before punching the throttle. He raced down the access road, turning to see the werewolf not following him as he did.

The evening wind whipped his uncovered face, and his muscles continued to twitch, as he flew down the road, trying to maintain his composure and keep himself upright. His nerves still stung from the bites and puncture wounds and every little jostle made him fearful of crashing.

Turning into his neighborhood going as fast as he still could, Alex pulled over near Nathan's place, confident that he'd gotten a good distance away. Still trembling like mad, he grabbed his phone and began to dial his father's number. His thumb thankfully not leaving bloody prints on the screen.

As the last few numbers in the sequence came up, he stopped himself and began to think. If his father found him like this, what was he supposed to say about his attacker?

He knew what the thing was. He’d seen it clear as anything, but even on his best day, his father would never believe the use of 'werewolf' for any animal attack report. The idea of lying to make it something more believable came to mind, but even in his current state, he didn't want to do that to his dad. He relied on accurate information in situations like these, and if he lied about this and others died as a result...

With his heart sunk at the fact that he was wedged between two bad outcomes, Alex again revved the throttle after pocketing his phone, driving back to his house as quickly as he could. This was his problem to fix, and if someone found out, then he would consider what to do. As he pulled into the driveway and shut off the engine, he heard his phone beep with a new text but ignored it and went straight for the front door.

The End

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