Chapter 4 - The Beast of Sugar LandMature

He couldn’t tell how strong his grip was, but he twisted his hands nonetheless. He could feel the werewolf’s skin moving as he pulled, making it produce a growl. The pain in his shoulder intensified. He was doing something right.

Lifting his foot, he swung it backwards and felt it connect with something furry. Pushing down as hard as he could, he felt his shoe grab more fur. And then it hit what felt like the werewolf’s hind paw. The beast released him again, and his still clenched hands pulled out two handfuls of fur. He barely saw it rubbing the affected areas before he started to run.

With every muscle in his arms shaking like mad, he made for his bike, only to stumble upon reaching it. Swearing out loud several times, he heard the clicking of claws behind him and the werewolf was again on top of him. This time, it pinned him against the seat of the bike, one paw on his head, and the other on his back, both with claws digging into his skin.

Gasping in pain, Alex expected this to be the end. He'd fought back and lost. He’d only pissed it off instead of managing to get away. Hearing the beast breathing next to his ear, and thinking about how Angela must have felt against this thing, he let emotions rule his words. Regardless of whether it could hear him or not.

“You ******* monster. I hope someone skins you, you sick ****.”

Feeling the claws in his back tightening, Alex knew he had struck a nerve with this thing, and he didn't stop. If this thing wanted to kill him, he wasn't going down with his mouth shut.

“Yeah....That's all you're worth. Flesh on a tray and someone's trophy.” His heart was beating irregularly at that point. At least he thought. His rage mixed with pleasure at letting his emotions out.

Hearing a snarl by his ear, and feeling the hot breath from the werewolf against his neck, Alex soon felt the claws sunk in his back retract as well as the ones in his scalp. The werewolf's claws clicked against the concrete as though it was backing up.

The End

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