Chapter 4 - The Beast of Sugar LandMature

The werewolf squealed in pain, finally releasing his arm to a welcome sensation of lessened pain. Grabbing his punctured forearm, trembling in shock and fear, Alex struggled to get back to his feet, keeping his eyes on the beast as he did in case it attacked again.

It was then that he saw it rear on its hind legs, the lights from the park illuminating it clearly. It stood taller than him in that stance, even slightly hunched over and with its canine-like legs. Its body, braced for another strike, was a clear mix of human and wolf.

Whatever feeling of terror Alex had from wanting to not be attacked again intensified as the werewolf swung to try and grab him. He didn’t think about which direction he went. He just went, ducking to avoid the massive paw as he did.

He barely got two steps before the werewolf got ahold of him. Its paw grabbed onto his T-shirt, the claws tearing into the fabric, and his collar jerked him to a stop. Feeling himself being pulled back, before he could scream again, the werewolf had wrapped its other paw around his neck. The claws pushed against his throat, above his jugular.

It had him, and any sudden movements would leave him with a gushing artery. Breathing rapidly with tears running from his eyes, Alex tried not to break down into a mental mess. But he was at its mercy. There wasn’t much else he could do.

Feeling his head being jerked to one side, this time his left shoulder was the target, and its massive canines once again pierced his flesh. He felt them pass through his muscles, but stop at his clavicle, his shoulder burning from the pain.

Suppressing his screams to fight the pain, Alex wanted more than anything now to have some kind of lucky break. To get away from this thing. With his hands jerking in reaction to the pain, he reached behind himself and grabbed two tufts of fur. From what felt like around the werewolf’s hips.

The End

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