Chapter 4 - The Beast of Sugar LandMature

Both its gait and posture were off, as if its legs were too long for its body. Its front paws were also large compared to its limbs, but when he saw them under brighter lights coming from the park, they no longer looked like paws, but clawed hands.

Torn between wondering what the hell he was looking at and his urge to run, the animal now snarled at him as if it was warning him to back off. Alex took a step back hoping it would leave him alone, but as though it saw his retreat as a challenge, the animal suddenly bolted towards him.

Alex's pulse rocketed and his adrenaline surged as he dropped his stuff and tried to avoid the animal's charge. His first instinct of a side-step didn’t work. As the animal came close, it shifted its direction and lunged at him, the immense weight of its body knocking him backwards into the grass. Chest first, then his head.

Without pause, the animal was on him and went for his face with its jaws apart. Alex grabbed at the animal's muzzle to try and restrain it, only getting his left hand to connect. Holding on as best he could, he then had enough time to see the face of his attacker, but only for a second.

It was when his arm was wrestled off the animal's muzzle by its own paw wrapping around it that he began to understand what he was facing. The beast threw his arm aside and its massive paw went down over his face, pinning him to the ground and almost blocking his mouth. He grappled the werewolf's arm in response to try and get it off, but then felt his right arm in its grip.

Its hot breath blew over the flesh of his forearm just before its fangs punctured his arm.

The nerves there reacted as if someone had just shocked and stabbed him at the same time, and Alex screamed into the werewolf’s paw. What should’ve been ear piercing was instead muffled against the fur and pads, even after more sounded.

Jerking his head around to try and free himself, Alex grabbed the paw over his face and opened his own mouth. His teeth bit into the rough pads as though he was using them as a mouth guard. The searing pain from the werewolf's bite and the bitter taste of its pads both gave him incentive to bite harder.

The End

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