Chapter 4 - The Beast of Sugar LandMature

Coming up fast on a long incline, Alex crouched down and prepared to Ollie off its side. As his front wheels came close to the edge, he pushed the tail of the board down, the tip clacking against the plywood surface of the ramp. His board became airborne along with him, and the tip of his left foot pushed into the rising plank, causing it to spin on its center axis.

He could see it spin around once just under his soles, but he held off from catching it right then. Watching for the moment it completed its second spin, Alex set his soles onto the board's griptape to stop it. By this point, he was nearing the ground but his left foot was coming down too far towards the center of the board.

As soon as he hit the ground, he felt all of his weight go into his legs and into his board as a result. Instead of the board catching him and rolling along as it would do normally, he heard the telltale sound of wood snapping twice. With his body still moving forwards but coming to an awkward stop, he fell forwards and to his side, landing on his side with his legs flying upwards.

“Ow. Damn.” Alex said as he picked himself up. Looking at his board, the landing had broken it in two places, in the center and on the tail. Though the griptape was still holding all three segments together. “Well, time for a new one.” Sweeping the splinters from his deck underneath one of the funboxes, Alex retrieved his stuff and began to leave the park.

As the steel turnstile let him pass, his gaze wandered to what looked like a rather large dog lying near one of the park benches. Even with the lights behind him he couldn't make it out very well, but when its massive head pulled up and looked in his direction, his spine trembled. He had no idea how long it had been laying there, but he had never seen a dog act so focused on its own. “Oh, shit.”

After telling himself to stop worrying, Alex quickly headed for his motorcycle, the splintered parts of his board crackling with each step he took. When he heard footfalls coming his direction, he turned to notice the dog now walking towards him, a steady growling coming from its muzzle. Wondering what he'd possibly done to anger it, Alex began to notice things about it.

The End

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