Chapter 4 - The Beast of Sugar LandMature

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Crescent


The days leading to Friday passed without much change in routines, outside of Thursday when Alex was once again called in to take a shift for someone else. This time, he got the chance to work with Marcus during the last hour of his shift.

Although he eventually asked about what he and Nathan had found, Alex was able to answer clearly with less visible emotion. “Sorry to hear that, man.”

“It's OK. We did what we could. I'm just stunned that someone stole her body.”

“Yeah. That's...” Marcus placed his hand over his face for a second. “I've got no words.”


“That works.”

“One of the upsides of a good vocabulary.” Alex said. “Figuring out good words on the fly.”

“Please. I've got a better vocabulary than you.” Marcus boasted in jest.

“No you don't.” Alex replied with a similar tone.

“OK then, what is 'zestful' a synonym of?” Although Alex was unable to answer, that question kicked off a word game with the other employees on shift for a while. While spending some time on his XBOX that night and early Friday morning, he began to wonder if his friends had anything planned before Monday came around.

Later in the evening on Friday, Alex decided to return to the skate park for a while again. The cold front from the last few days was starting to give way to nicer temperatures, meaning he wouldn't have to worry about trying to stay warm while riding. On the way there, he thought to ask Nathan or Marcus if they could meet him and maybe do some filming, but it was too late at night to ask. His phone would suffice if he wanted to do any.

Arriving to a nearly empty park, Alex found another skater already grinding on the rails he was hoping to use. He gave the person a quick nod and set his stuff aside, grabbing his board and heading to the top of one of the quarterpipe structures. Taking a seat with his legs over the side of the ramp, he surveyed the park and decided on a high Ollie off the opposing funbox for his first trick of the night. 

Twenty minutes later, the park was empty. With sweat running down his face, he set the tail of his board up for a drop in on the quarterpipe again. Holding it in place with his right foot, he put his weight into it and sent himself down the pipe.

The End

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