Chapter 3 - First Day on the JobMature

Taking the turnstile in one hand, he entered the park and set his sights on the ramp on the far end. Offering a brief ‘Hey’ to the other two skaters, he removed his board from the backpack straps and set his stuff aside the ramp. The skateboard he owned was a grab bag of various blank and professional parts, the deck being a wooden blank. The griptape on its top was well worn down around the edges but it still had some hold for any trick he tried.

Atop the ramp box, Alex set his board down near the lip of the incline, his left foot already in position over the four front screws. Pushing a bit with his right leg, the board's wheels rolled onto the ramp as his other foot took its place on the griptape. Coasting downwards and gaining speed as he went, Alex aimed for a slight angle off the funbox ramp ahead of him. His direction was good; all that was needed now was the proper timing.

Bending his knees into a crouch position, he waited for his wheels to come close to going off the edge of the ramp. As it came closer, he started to jump, his body and left leg going up while his right foot pushed down against the deck's tail, making it change to a more vertical angle with him. Catching the board's front with his other foot, he leveled it out as he descended to the ground, trying to keep his feet over the deck as best he could.

He landed slightly off center, his body feeling as if it would fall backwards and almost immediately he did, landing on his butt and hands. “Ow.” Alex muttered as he got back to his feet. Retrieving his board, he noticed that the other two skaters were still going about their business, now moved to another ramp closeby. The shorter rail was now open for him to skate on.

Starting a ways away from the rail, he set his feet in the same position, left forward and right back, and kicked off. Guiding himself towards the rail, he approached it from the left, setting himself up for a number of Frontside grinds.

Ollieing again when he was close to the rail, this time his right foot swiveled the board into the position he wanted. The tail of the deck landed on the steel rail, giving off a light sound of sliding wood against metal. Keeping his weight on it for nearly a second, as he started to lose momentum from the slide, his left leg corrected the board's angle, dropping him off of the rail into his Switch stance.

With a smile coming back onto his face, Alex corrected his stance and continued to ride around for a while. The chill in the evening winds once again reminded him of Angela, and how cold she felt when he got ahold of her. Shaking his head, he remembered what his Dad had told him earlier.

But then, he hadn’t been given a definitive answer during that talk. Just a possibility of what had happened. Unless one of the other officers tipped his father off about Angela’s condition, he wouldn’t know if she was alive, or if she was dead.

The End

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