Chapter 3 - First Day on the JobMature

Taking the initiative instead to introduce himself to the two other employees, Gwen and Michael, a few more hours passed without any major needs. The employees seemed to spend their downtime talking amongst themselves and reading a few stray comics.

Alex mimicked the routine with an issue of Action Comics until he was needed. “Yeah. I've played this game with a friend of mine before.” he explained to a customer. They had been interested in the Mage book he was reading the day before. “If you want to put it on hold until you've demoed the game though, I can do that for you.”

“I would, but how do you demo something like this?”

Realizing that his customer didn't quite grasp how pen-and-paper RPGs worked, Alex tried to recall something he had found before concerning the game. “You could try downloading a quick-start game from the publisher's web site. I know they have one, and we have World of Darkness games here every so often. Just ask Daniel or Trevor. They can fill you in.”

“I'll do that. Thanks.”

Although the customer didn't buy the book after what he had told him, Alex was satisfied to see him ask his coworkers about their weekly games. Wondering if DMing such games was a volunteer job along with his current one, the time soon reached 7:00 p.m.

With his first day over, Alex didn't leave on the stroke of the hour. He took some time to browse for a few comics to buy, picking up a stack of seven. He still had plenty of spending money from his last paycheck at the vet, with one more still on the way. Thanking Trevor for offering him the shift before he left, Alex mounted his motorcycle and set out for home.

As the evening winds whipped over his skin, he changed his mind at the halfway point and altered his route to go towards his neighborhood skate park. Driving down the access road to the park, his gaze went over to where they had found Angela the night before. If only for a few seconds. Remembering what his Dad had told him, he imagined her waking up in the hospital with her family nearby.

There were two other skaters in the park when he arrived, both practicing on the rails from the sound of things. At least twice before he got to the gate, Alex heard the wood and urethane clacking of a slipped-from deck, both times after contact with a rail.

The End

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