Chapter 3 - First Day on the JobMature

Alex agreed to the suggestion, and Daniel was quick to start showing him where everything was that he would need for the day. The employee clock at the rear of the store, the storage room for the boxes of new stuff, the gaming room for all the daily RPG sessions and the restroom, which Daniel was quick to remind him was for the employees only. “I can imagine why.” Alex said as they went to find Trevor.

“Being that close to the storage room, we can't risk people asking in and making off with our inventory.”

“Makes sense, but why risk stealing a few comics when you're at the back of the store?” Alex asked, even though he already knew the general reason for the first part.

“All sorts of reasons.” Daniel replied as they arrived at the door to the so-called 'secret room' he had told Alex about before. Knocking twice, Trevor soon opened the door to let them inside. The place was built similar to a bank teller’s station, with a glass barrier and a slot to accept small books. Seeing a number of very rare comics on the shelves and walls quickly made him realize why new employees weren't allowed back there.

“Hey, Alex. You ready to start your shift?”

“Yeah, I am. Do you want me working the floor or the register first?”

“You've done this before, huh?” Alex nodded once, pointing out his prior job at the veterinary clinic. “For today, I just want you walking the floor. You read over the papers I gave you, right?”

“Yeah, I did. Keep the walls straight and clean and help any customers who need help.”

Trevor's tone in response was pleased. “You got it...except for one thing. You're also responsible for getting backstock if we need it.” Nodding at the addition, Alex was clocked in. With his name badge hanging around his neck on a lanyard, he started his first shift.

Half an hour later, the store was still full of customers; a crowd of around six people in various locations. Only one person by that point had asked him for any assistance, leaving him little else to do otherwise. While he made another check of the RPG and board game sections, Alex reached into his pocket for his smart phone, hoping to see if any of his friends could stop by the store and say hello. As he got it into his grip however, he abandoned the thought. It was his first day and the time was passing quickly enough as it was. They didn't need to be here unless they wanted to.

The End

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