Chapter 3 - First Day on the JobMature

His father soon checked him to talk, now dressed in his police uniform. “You have a minute, son?”

Putting aside his XBOX controller, Alex turned to his father. “Yeah.”

“When I was talking to Sarah last night, she was telling me about what you told her. Did you get any sort of feeling that you were being watched before the officers came?”

Alex licked his teeth. “No, I didn’t. Nathan and I did look around just in case, but we didn’t see anything.”

“You’re sure?”

“Very,” Pausing for a second, he continued. “though we were shouting at whoever was there…”

“Wait. You just said you didn’t see anyone.”

“We didn’t. He and I were shouting at whoever was attacking Angela before we got to her. Likely scared them off.”

“I see.”

Seeing his father pause to think, Alex replied first. “We didn’t know what else to do, and…it seemed like it worked. Nothing came around.”

His father kept thinking about what to say for a short time. “So long as that’s true.”

“It is. Nothing came around.”

“Are you OK otherwise?”

“Yeah, Dad. I’m fine.” Alex replied. “Wish I could know if Angela’s OK, though.”

“I had a feeling you were thinking that.”

“Can’t help it. I want to know, and I’d imagine Nathan does too.”

“Right now, she’s probably on medications and recovering in intensive care.” His father adjusted his belt and checked his pistol strap before he continued. “From what Sarah told me, I’d imagine she’s not going to be willing to talk for a while.”

“I can relate.” Alex said.

The End

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