Chapter 3 - First Day on the JobMature

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Crescent


Waking up extra early the next morning thanks to Bailey, Alex finally sat down to talk to his folks about the incident after breakfast. He was at first hesitant to say much, as he had been the night before, but he slowly began to reveal more and more about what happened. He started recalling the gruesome details of what he had felt, the icy texture of Angela's flesh when he took her hand and how weak he felt as he watched her slip into shock. 

As he revealed more information, he could feel his eyes watering as the emotions he had held back before came rushing forward again. Even if he had a good reason to get emotional, Alex paused between replies to focus and hold his emotions back.  

“Son, I know you're upset,” David said after Alex sniffled for the fifth time. “ did...the right...thing.”

Alex took several breaths before he answered. “Not enough though.”

“You're not a doctor, son. You did what you could, and that's all that matters.”

“I know that...but...” Another extended stall gave his folks enough time to continue talking.

“Do you want to have lunch somewhere?” His mother asked. “Get your mind off this?”

Alex shook his head. “No…but thanks.” Hearing a woof nearby, he thought to go walk Bailey to get himself in a better mood, but then realized that his folks hadn't asked him about his new job yet. At least that would be a better subject to talk about. “Actually, that job Marcus told me about? I got it.”

“You did? When are you starting?”

“Any day now, I guess. I’d guess next week though.”

“Well, good job son.”

“Thanks.” Alex said, perking back up. “After the vet, this will be a nice change.” The table went silent for a time after that while he stroked Bailey’s head; his parents concentrated on their meals and coffee until his mother had to leave for her shift. Removing himself from the table then, Alex headed back to his room with Bailey following him. While part of him wanted to go back to sleep because of the time, he went for a shower to wake himself up.

The End

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