Chapter 2 - "We have a 10-67."Mature

“Would you guys follow me, please? I just need a few brief questions answered then you can leave.” Following Hill back to her cruiser, Nathan and Alex took some time to relax, with Nathan taking Hill's questions first. The usual gauntlet of questions covering what they did and what they saw came first.

“We found her at about 9:02, the same time I called.” Nathan said in response to one of Hill's questions.

“Was anyone else around?”

“No. Just us, but she looked like she was crawling away from something.”

“Any idea what?”

Nathan shook his head, and then turned to Alex. “Did she tell you anything?”

“Not really.” Alex replied. “All she said was 'Not with him around'. She didn't tell me who attacked her.”

Hill's expression shifted to one that in line with worry. “Did anyone try to approach you while you were helping her, or did you hear anything?”

“No. We were alone the entire time.”

“I see. In that case, would you mind if I followed you both home?”

“What for?” Nathan asked.

Alex replied first. “Safety reasons. Because of Angela's statement.”

“Yeah. I need to be sure your folks are aware of this as well. If she claimed something like that, we don’t want to risk you two getting threatened by whoever attacked her.” Nathan nodded at that statement, as did Alex, stuffing his bloodstained jacket into his backpack.

The three were soon on their way, Nathan leading with Alex and Officer Hill tailing him. Following behind his friend with the evening air whipping over his arms and chest, Alex couldn't help but think about what he had seen, if not what he would have seen if the paramedics hadn't stepped in and taken over when they did.

The End

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