Chapter 2 - "We have a 10-67."Mature

“And then what?” Nathan asked as he set up the pack.

“I don’t know. I guess just make sure she keeps breathing. That's all we can do.”

When Nathan replied that he didn't know CPR, Alex's growing panic worsened; he was trained in CPR for dogs, not people. Still holding Angela's hand, he asked her to try and stay strong. The sounds of sirens in the distance were a massive relief for both him and Nathan, who was watching Angela as well at this point. He wasn't as panicky as Alex was, but his arms were trembling as he watched.

As the sirens began to be accompanied by lights flashing in the distance, Alex felt Angela's hand starting to go limp in his. Looking down at her, she was still silently shedding tears but her breathing was starting to cease. “No.” he said as his heart began to sink and his arms felt weak. “Angela, stay with us. You'll be OK.” Nathan swore out loud as Alex's eyes watered even more and his voice started to crack.

When the paramedics finally arrived, they swarmed her in a group of four, all of them giving out orders and naming off things that she was going to need. Pacing nearby, Alex was trembling all over, unable to focus on anything besides the medical teams and his jacket held in his right hand. Nathan stood against a nearby fence in the meantime, taking slow breaths to keep himself calm.

They had done everything they could, and what good it could bring was up to the professionals now, but Alex could still feel the icy texture of Angela's hand in his flesh. Watching the paramedics load her onto a gurney, unable to tell if she was alive or dead, his phone began to ring from his pocket. Refusing to answer it, he heard someone nearby address him indirectly.

“Excuse me.” From the uniform, it was a police lieutenant. “I'm Lieutenant Hill. Are you the ones who called this in?” asked the female officer. Alex nodded once, with a confirmation from Nathan. “Are you OK with me asking you a few questions?”

“Yeah...sure.” Alex replied trying to hold back from publicly acting upset.

“Hey, it's alright. They're doing everything they can...”

“So were we.” Nathan replied.

“Will she make it?” Alex asked. Hill didn't answer for a while, and in his mind he had a good idea why not: He and Nathan had been watching her die, despite what they had tried to do to save her. With his fingers digging through his hair as the ambulance departed, he tried to imagine some way that Angela would make it out of this alive.

The End

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