Chapter 2 - "We have a 10-67."Mature

“Got it.” Unbuttoning his denim jacket and exposing himself to the chilling cold of the evening, Alex set the jacket down softly on Angela, trying not to touch any of her open wounds. She flinched once and nearly made him jump as he did so, but the jacket was soon over her. “That any better?”

“Much.” Angela said. “Thanks.”

Alex choked back a tear of his own upon hearing that. “Anything to help.” Looking down over Angela, Alex's hand crept over to hers. “What am I doing?” he thought, taking his hand back. As he did so, he saw Angela's arm jerk once. Figuring it was just another reaction from her, he then heard her breathing starting to sound a bit shallow. “Angela? You OK?”

She didn't answer. Alex asked again, but all he heard from her was her breathing getting shallower, to the point where she was acting like she was gasping for air. Grabbing her hand, his heart rate shot up as he felt how cold her flesh was. “Oh, shit. Nathan!” Alex shouted.


“She's going into shock. Help me.” As his friend ran to his side, dropping his phone in the process, Alex struggled to recall what he was supposed to do. “Aw, crap. Angela.”

“What are we supposed to do?” Nathan asked, his own tone growing more worried as Angela's breathing kept up its shallow sound.

“Stop the blood loss, but...”

“From where? She's got cuts all over her.”

“I know that.” Alex snapped. Quickly apologizing to his friend, he gripped Angela's hand harder before he remembered that they should elevate her legs. “Get her legs up. Use my backpack.”

The End

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