Chapter 2 - "We have a 10-67."Mature

“Thanks, but...” The girl's sentence was cut off when again she held back a cry of pain.

“Hey. Stay calm.” Alex held himself back from directly touching her, though his arm went out towards her when she cringed. “We'll get you to a hospital...and you'll be fine.”

“No. I'll heal.”

The response was one Alex didn't expect, but he didn't respond to it. He had a bad feeling this girl was traumatized by whatever happened. Even so, and as odd as it was, hearing her trying to act brave, or disguise fear, by saying such a thing helped him calm down also. “Can you tell me your name?”

The girl nodded but coughed once more, this time drawing and spraying a bit of blood from her mouth. Alex recoiled a bit from it, but didn't stand up. “Angela...”

Cutting her off before she gave her last name, Alex refrained from trying to grab her right hand, even though he wanted to. “Angela, we will get you to a hospital. Just stay with us.” Looking over to Nathan, he called out to him. “Anything yet?”

“Almost.” Nathan replied, quickly going back to answering the phone.

“They'll come, and you'll be fine.” Alex said.

“Not with him around.” Angela's eyes were now shut tight, letting a couple of tears roll down her face.

Alex didn't waste any time asking about what she said. “Who? Who did this?” Angela didn't answer, instead gripping the grass with her one free hand. “You want to tell the police instead?”

“No.” Angela replied, sounding upset this time. “I don't...want the police.”

Alex swallowed his tongue for a second. Was he pushing her? “No.” he though. It had to be Angela's reaction to being torn up so badly that was making her act like this, but either way it was better to stop her from getting hysterical. “OK, OK. I'll stop. Uh...”

“Alex, they're on the way.” Nathan said. “ETA's five minutes, and they said to keep her warm.”

The End

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