Chapter 2 - "We have a 10-67."Mature

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Moon Phase – Last Quarter

9:05 p.m.


While waiting for Nathan outside his house, Alex sat with his arms folded over his motorcycle's handlebars, thinking of a few tricks to try once they got to the park. Chances were good the shoot wouldn’t last for more than an hour, but the park was usually empty this time of night. Turning his head as the evening breezes blew over him again, he heard the front door open and his friend flashed his camcorder, ready to leave.

When they arrived a short time later, the park was indeed empty, the moon overhead barely lighting up the darkened grass and pavement. Alex found a parking space as close to the park as possible and turned his bike off. As his hand finished removing the key from the warmed ignition, he opened his helmet's visor to a high pitched sound off in the distance. Being somewhat muffled by the helmet kept him from hearing exactly what it was, but he stopped moving and listened, wondering what he'd just heard.

“Hey. What's up?” Nathan asked as he parked his sedan.

“I thought I heard something off that way.” Alex replied, pointing to where he thought he heard the sound after taking his helmet off.

“At the school?”

“No idea. I couldn't hear it very well.”

Shrugging once, Nathan replied. “Probably nothing.”

Mimicking his friend's gesture, the two made their way to the park entrance but as Alex grabbed the cold steel in his hands, the sound came to him again. It was again brief but this time it sounded human, and the chill it sent up his spine was worrying. “Oh, crap.”

“I heard that too.” Nathan said before he began running off in the direction of the sound.

Now certain it was a scream he had heard, Alex followed his friend closely, their heads turning in all directions as they went, watching for anything out of the ordinary amidst the empty lots. Inside his chest, his heart was already pounding out of fear and the fresh rush of adrenaline caused by it. A sharp 180 from how he had felt just two minutes ago. Even if this turned out to be nothing major, his body was already prepared for the worst, the cold air of the evening chilling his lungs with each breath he took.

The End

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