Chapter 1 - Of Comics and CompanyMature

“Wolves, huh?”

“Can we try not to talk about dead animals right now?” Catherine said, sounding a bit defensive. “We're all eating.”

“So says the woman eating a dead cow right now.” Nathan retorted, getting the rest of the group to start laughing. Catherine meanwhile shot him a look that seemed to simultaneously say 'Shut up' and 'Very funny'.

“Nice one, man.” Alex said before he cleared his throat to stop his own laughter. “Seriously though, wolves do live in Texas, but that close to our high school?”

“There is a park across Highway 6, don't forget.” Marcus said.

“Could explain things, but that place is really small. Someone would have seen something by now.”

“Or heard something.” Nathan added.

“Yeah, but wolves don’t howl for no reason.” Marcus said.

“Even when they have food to go around?”

“Nope.” Marcus replied. “If they do that, other scavengers can find them and drive them off.”

Alex nodded at that. “Plus, if they howl in a city like this, it attracts attention to them and they don't like people very much.”

“Duly noted.” Catherine took another swig of soda and refilled her glass. “Can we switch to another topic? Like what else we should do before classes start next week?” Alex and the others agreed to the suggestion, and the group went back to enjoying their meals.

Another hour soon passed before they decided to head back home for the evening, Marcus being the only one with a carry out of leftovers. Outside, the last quarter moon was slowly starting to come over the treetops that lined the road near the restaurant, and the lessened traffic let the sounds of chirping insects be the background noise of the night.

Mounting his motorcycle, Alex felt a hand tap his shoulder and looked over to see Nathan through the plastic visor. “Hey, are you and I still filming tonight?” he asked, his voice slightly muffled from the thickness of the helmet Alex had on.

Remembering the shoot he had planned with his friend, Alex made a hard nod. “Yeah. You want to meet me there?”

“I need to stop by my house and get the camcorder first, so why don't you follow me?”

“Sure. Lead the way.” Alex said in a jesting tone as he dropped the visor of his helmet. Parting their ways from Catherine and Marcus with a wave, the two started on the road back to their neighborhood. Feeling the chilled wind pressing against his jacket, and the flapping of the fabric against his skin, Alex was ready to engage in the final activity he had planned for the night.

The End

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