Chapter 1 - Of Comics and CompanyMature

“Hey, guys.” Alex said, glancing over at Nathan’s plate; he had nearly finished the appetizer by this point, but still looked hungry. Tapping his shoulder, Alex asked if he was going to order any more food.

“Sure.” Nathan stood up from his seat and Alex followed suit, joining Marcus and Catherine as they placed their orders. A large cheeseburger and fries seemed the most enticing, and all four of them wasted no time indulging in their orders once they came.

“I’m kind of looking forward to class next week. What about you guys?” Catherine asked before she took another bite of her meal. Marcus responded with a confident 'Yes'; Nathan with an indifferent 'No'; Alex just shrugged at the question. “Not even one class?”

“Maybe College Algebra, if that.” Nathan replied.


“I have a couple of English classes registered, so I guess I have something to look forward to.” Alex said.

“Beyond your new job?” Marcus asked.

“Oh, that's right.” Catherine said. “How did the interview go?”

“Pretty well.” Alex said. “Trevor’s got an interesting way of interviewing people.”

“That’s what a comic store owner looks for. If you know your stuff.” Marcus said.

Alex nodded. “But, yeah. I was hired and I should start next week. I think.”

Catherine smiled at that. “Congratulations. Did you already leave your old job?”

“Yeah,” Alex said. “I called Dr. Galliard while I was waiting for you guys and let him know. Gonna miss the place, though.”

“Wasn’t one of the new guys not doing his job, or something?”

“Sort of. He’s just new to vet assistant work, so he was a bit slow. Hopefully, whoever comes in for me can train him.”

“Speaking of animals,” Nathan chimed in. “Did your dad find out anything new about that calf from last week?”

“No.” Alex quickly answered with a slight shake of his head. A question like that didn't catch him off guard when he was hanging out with his friends; they all knew his father was a lieutenant in the SLPD, and sometimes asked him about things related to the police. “Dad hasn’t said much about it to me, but the general opinion he’s heard was wolves killed that calf.”

The End

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