Chapter 1 - Of Comics and CompanyMature

Alex shrugged. “Maybe, but thanks Marcus. I appreciate you helping me get this job.”

Marcus nodded once in response, and the two exchanged a quick handshake. “You're welcome, man. Are you going to hang around for a while?”

Checking the time on his phone, it was just past 3:50. Bailey was likely sleeping in his room at home, but his Dad would be off shift soon. “Yeah, sure. I've got time.” Stepping out of the way for a customer behind him, Alex grabbed a nearby chair and decided to take some time reading the book he had first, titled Mage the Awakening.

Flipping through the pages a few at a time, he took more notice of the artwork than the rest of the game's content at first. Much of it detailing the use of magic by characters in the game world, and how the artists perceived it. Moving his right arm as he started reading the text in a later chapter, he imagined casting a create-fire spell on his hand before chuckling under his breath. Ever since Nathan had run this game with him onboard one of his groups, it had slowly become his favorite game to role-play in, even if he didn't own the rulebook himself.

As 4:45 came around, Alex felt a vibration in his pocket, accompanied by a quick but loud tone that told him he had an instant message from someone. As useful as the feature was when he used it, the times the sounds caught him off guard and made him jump were one of the few things he hated about smart phones. Unlocking the screen to check the message, it was from Catherine, reminding him that they were all supposed to meet up at 6:30.

“That from Catherine?” Marcus asked from the register.

“Yeah.” Alex replied. Pocketing his phone as he stood back up, he licked his lips a bit. “Man, am I gonna be sad when summer's fully over.”

“Not me. I'm looking forward to getting back to class.”

“I am too. Just not as much.” Closing and replacing the book, Alex offered Marcus another handshake before asking for his backpack and helmet. “I'm going on ahead, so I'll see you guys there.” he said, stuffing the backpack with the clothing he received.

“Alright. Later.”

The End

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