Chapter 1 - Of Comics and CompanyMature


“Would that include today?” Trevor asked with a smirk.

“Depends. I did have plans to hang out with my friends after this interview.”

“Fair enough.” As Alex let go of Trevor's hand, the two stood back up from their seats. “Let me get you one of our T-shirts and a print out of the store's rules and expectations, and then you can be on your way.”

Before he started to answer, Alex felt a jolt of horror when he realized that he had forgotten the man's name. As he tried to recall it without avail, he knew he had to say something, not shut up or freeze up. “Awesome. Thank you, sir.” Even if he didn't remember the man's name, 'sir' was a nice replacement. Once he was alone in the room however, Alex began to franticly search the pockets of his jeans to find the shop’s business card, locating it in his right pocket. “Trevor Young. Damn it. How did I forget that?”

As Trevor returned with the stuff Alex needed, he thanked him by name and headed back out onto the sales floor of the shop. Going by the name of Blue Moon Comics, the place was packed with gaming and comic memorabilia of all kinds from RPG rulebooks to PC games and trade paperbacks.

At least once, Alex had wondered if the name was picked because of the number of seemingly rare trade-ins and items the store would get. During his visits with Nathan and Marcus over the last two weeks preparing for this interview, he had even seen a sealed copy of Deus Ex on the PC rack. Figuring he should look around a little more, he went for the RPG section first.

With two of the store’s T-shirts flung over his shoulder, he grabbed the first book that caught his eye and began flipping through the pages on his way to the front. Behind the front register with a trade paperback in his hands was Marcus Astor, one of Alex's longtime friends. Looking up as he heard footsteps approaching him, Marcus put the book aside.

“So, how'd it go?” he asked.

“Looks like you and I are co-workers now.” Alex replied, holding up the T-shirts.

Marcus's face barely budged from the expression he had on; he had recommended Alex to Trevor, and he knew how easy-going his boss was with new hires. “See? Told ya.”

“That was easier than I thought, except I almost forgot your boss's name.”

“Don't sweat it. He kind of doesn't care anyway.”

The End

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