Chapter 1 - Of Comics and CompanyMature

Monday, August 22nd, 2011 – Sugar Land, Texas

Moon Phase – Last Quarter


Listening to the voice of his potential new boss as he read off parts of his application, Alex Stryker shifted in his seat and straightened his back a bit. Trying his hardest not to adjust the clip-on tie on the neck of his shirt, he let his eyes wander a bit, looking around at all the stuff in the room he was in.

Boxes of comics stood stacked near the walls; from a number of them, he could catch the very familiar scent of comics that were yellowing and aging. Others that were hung on the walls in single issue sleeves had obvious aging to them, but most of those he didn’t recognize.

“So, Alex, if I hired you, what could you offer me as an employee of this shop?” A pause of nearly two seconds followed.

“I'm not sure yet,” Alex said, his normally deep voice wavering a bit; the question was one he hadn’t thought about much. Thinking the initial answer sounded stupid, he continued on with the first remarks he could think up. “but I'll offer everything I can provide… Food and drinks even.”

The final remark got the person he was talking to, Trevor Young, to smile a bit and chuckle. Alex mimicked it lightly. “That wouldn't include wine spritzers, would it?” Alex raised his eyebrow at that and his face showed confusion. He was only 19, nowhere near old enough to buy alcohol. “That was a joke. You don't need to do that.”

Letting out a small laugh with a smile, Alex was starting to get a picture of the owner’s personality. “I was about to say.”

“Anyway, let's move on.” Trevor set the application aside and interlaced his fingers in front of him. “I’d like to run some questions by you.”

“Sure.” Alex replied. Inside, he was expecting something about his past work history.

Trevor nodded to him. “Then, can you tell me the full oath of the Green Lanterns?”

Holding back a direct laugh, Alex’s lips curled up some. He did know the oath, mostly thanks to his friends. Clearing his throat, he acted like he was wearing one of the rings and recited the oath.

“Not bad, but your delivery needs work.” Trevor said.

“Eh. I'll work on it.”

“OK, next question. What is your first thought when I say 'Dungeons and Dragons'?”

“Medieval fantasy.”

Trevor nodded again. “I take it you’ve role-played before?”

“Yeah, but that one’s not quite my kind of game.”

“Alright. Last question.” Trevor paused for a second, as if he was thinking of a tough one. “Would you want to work here?”

Alex replied without hesitation, and with a smile. “You bet I do.”

Trevor held out his hand to Alex, who took it in response. “Then, when can you start?”

The End

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