As she slid to a stop, she saw that Shane’s back was exposed. Going for his chest before he got up, she shoved him against the ground and pinned all her weight against that and his head. With his muzzle and chest pressed against the ground, he could barely reach her.

As Angela’s jaws widened in preparation to take a chunk out of him, he finally stopped growling but he didn’t say anything. Even for a period of a few seconds. With a snarl near his ear, she told him, “Never pull that dominance shit with me again. You are not boss of me.”

“Fine.” Shane said, with a slight snarl in his voice. “Now get off me.”

Angela hesitated for minute on doing so, wondering why he had suddenly tried to be so dominating over her when it was just the two of them. He had taken down the calf along with her, sure, but she had done most of the earlier and more tiring work of weakening and bleeding the animal out; far more than what he did.

Screw it. He'll learn.” She thought, releasing Shane without a final shove of his head. Even though she wanted to make sure he knew not to mess with her.

Without taking her eyes off her hunting partner, Angela backed up to where she was before and resumed feeding with one paw on the carcass. Shane's grey and tan pelt was splotched with blood from her strikes and several gouges in the flesh of his back were bleeding though his fur. It made him seem like the Omega in this two werewolf party. Even so, she knew those injuries would heal up soon.

He eventually joined her in feeding on the dead calf, but the two kept their eyes on each other for the duration. Angela looked at him with some suspicion in her eyes and adrenaline still present in her blood, just in case he tried to assert his false authority over her again.

Shane however had a look of malice and hatred in his eyes, as though he had been disrespected in some fashion by being denied the right to eat first. That piercing gaze continued even beyond the point when they were both satisfied with their fill of the kill, as though he would never forgive Angela for the deed.

The End

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