Seeing him sniff the carcass, she dropped the idea of trying to debate him. Coming in close, she got to her knees and picked out a spot on the calf’s chest, close to the base of its ribs. Her fangs cut the flesh and surface muscles easily, making for her first taste.

At the same time, instead of joining her in the act, Shane pulled his lips back and snarled. Angela noticed immediately and stopped, thinking he had heard something. He was instead looking right at her when she checked, showing his teeth and flashing his tongue.

Angela showed her teeth in response before going back for another bite. She wasn’t waiting any longer to calm her stomach. Not with them in this position. Before she could take another bit of flesh from their kill, she felt claws sink into the scruff of her neck. Shane pulled her to her feet, snarling in her face as she was let go.

“What was that for?” Angela asked, sounding confused and angry at once.

“I didn't say you could feed yet.” Shane said, still holding a growl in his voice.

His response caught Angela off guard. Not once had he claimed anything of the sort with her tonight. Before he could add anything, she replied. “Oh, really? When did you make that call?”

“Why should I have to?” Shane replied.

Instead of answering him, Angela crouched down again, drawing another sets of growls. She was once again unable to take a bite before Shane forced her back up. This time however, his paw was at the ready to attack and he slashed at her face, drawing blood.

“I made that kill, so I eat first. That's my right. So either wait or learn to listen to me the hard way.” Shane said.

Despite sounding like he expected compliance this time around, Angela had other ideas. She shuffled on her hind paws and lunged at him, grabbing tufts of his fur around the neck and chest. Slamming him into the walls of the enclosure, Shane now digging his claws into her, she wrestled him to the ground afterwards. Both of them tore into each other in whatever places they could get to, Shane trying to grab her with a bear hug while Angela went for his neck with a few snaps of her jaws. She didn't care if she missed or if she managed to grab him in the process.

Eventually, she rolled to her side, forcing Shane away from her with a shove and breaking his grip on her. He quickly got back to all fours, still looking ready to go after her; she jumped the gun and did so first. With a wild tackle, she rolled them both over and shoved him again, snagging his flesh in the process and feeling her claws tear into his back and sides.

The End

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