Shane however knew this enclosure wasn't watched once the nearby school closed for the evening. Even though there were some people who stayed late at the school for general cleanup, they would never hear them killing this animal until it was too late. And even then, the both of them were firmly built werewolves. At least 230 pounds of muscle, claws and fur each; more than enough to stop any human that came their way.

Using his paws to hold down a few of the calf’s legs, Angela saw an opening and got up to the calf. She held onto the animal’s ribcage to steady herself, the baying from it making her ears ring. She shook them off and readied herself. Separating her jaws, she went for the calf’s neck, hoping to cut enough into it to make it bleed out.

They pierced its flesh easily, and she could taste more blood over her tongue, but her fangs hit something further in. Likely bone. Biting down again, there was no leeway given. She repositioned and tried again. This time, her bottom fangs hit something hard while the upper ones cut into what felt like a vessel.

Shane saw their prey start to bleed profusely from his packmate’s last attack. Telling her to wait, she took a second to pull away and let things play out. Slowly, the cries for help began to fade and the young bovine thrashed less and less against Shane’s grip.

Looking over the calf, Angela licked her fangs. With a pool of red forming nearby, and things around them no quieter than before, they would have to wait to eat. Releasing the calf’s ribs, her leg stung from the gash as she stood up. Enough to make her take her weight off it. Limping to the gate, she pushed against it and felt resistance, along with the sound of a metal lock stopping her. Although expecting the gate to be locked, she still felt annoyed.

It was then a loud crack sounded behind her, making her jump a bit. Looking back to Shane, his jaw was around the calf’s neck.  “We’re locked in.”

“So?” Shane said as he sniffed the carcass. “We’ll be fine.”

For a minute, Angela thought to debate him. From where she was, there seemed to be was enough room under the bars to slide the calf out, but the animals were also starting to calm back down. There were no footsteps nearby, only animals hooves. No sirens in the background either.

The End

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