As they drew closer, trying to keep the grass from rustling too much under their paws, a few sounds came from the stable. Both to their rights, and both being braying sounds akin to deer. One of them wasn’t asleep, and Angela saw it looking their direction through the steel bars. Ignoring the animal’s noise, their real prey was close. Even if it woke up, it would have nowhere to go.

With a final check around them, Angela took off first. Bounding off the dirt onto the bars of the stable, she saw the calf below her and leapt onto it. It wasn’t until her claws dug between its ribs that the calf woke up and started baying loudly for help.

Shane entered a second later, but as Angela tried to get her jaws around the calf’s neck, she felt one of the hooves on the calf’s thrashing legs cut into the flesh of her thigh. Fresh adrenaline kept her from feeling anything for only a half second, afterwards a snarl sounded from the stabbing pain and pulled fur.

The iron and mellow scents of blood were making her feel hungry, and she tried not to let go, but the calf kept thrashing about. Hitting the concrete and grazing her leg again in the process.

Angela rolled to the side to get away from its legs, but her claws slipped from its flesh. Seeing the calf get up, she tried to ignore the pain in her thigh and correct herself.

Shane however was at the ready. With his paws arched at his digits, he slashed at the calf’s face. Feeling his claws hook behind its skull, he forced it off balance, exposing its stomach for his packmate.

Angela then got up, shaking off the pain from the gash. With the calf crying and baying as loud as possible out of pain and fear from the assault, she was worried about getting too close to its legs again. The rest of the stable though was growing into a cacophony of noises, enough to alert anyone that something was going on if they were close enough to hear it. She and Shane would have to finish this and get away soon.

The End

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