Attempt to comfort and save the life of the victim of a werewolf.

It was something that college sophomore Alex Stryker never imagined he'd have to do. Much less believed could come back to haunt him.

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 - Sugar Land, Texas

Moon Phase - Full


Imagine that. Everyone's gone.” Angela said quietly in her growl-laced voice. She hadn’t noticed a single human scent since she and her packmate Shane had arrived a few minutes prior; a good sign for them. All the others that were coming from the stable a distance away showcased how much meat variety they had before them.

Crouched in the tall grasses, her limbs and paws ready to move, Angela looked over to Shane. He was looking out at the stable and she could see his nose twitching to rapid whiffs of the scents. Overhead, the moon was shining brightly into the night, giving everything they could see a silver sheen. Even without it, their eyes could easily refract the lights coming from the stable and the nearby school parking lot to let them see around them.


As she asked, Shane gave her a glance. “Should we get the deer or the calf?”

The calf would feed both of us.” Angela said after another sniff.

So would the deer.” Shane said, licking his fangs. “And it’s weaker.”

But it’s the only one that stable has.”


Angela sighed through her nose. “The calf will work.”

Shane shrugged and waited for her to start moving. Keeping close to each other as they went, they tried to keep silent amidst the chirping crickets and other insects around them. Every few steps, they could hear a few of them stop chirping, as though they were living alarms in the grass. From their position however, the animals were either asleep or barely noticing the noises.

The End

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