Werewolf in a Vampire World

A Fantasy view of a spiritual reality from a Christian perspective... utilizing the popular genre of the day... the fascination with vampires & werewolves. (Something to contemplate from a different angle.)

There are some who say we give too much credit to spiritual bogeymen, but I have seen the spiritual world and know that we humans are guilty of just the opposite, especially in this "civilized" culture. In fact, I still see the things of the spirit as though they were physical creatures and it is not a pretty sight. Everywhere one looks there are demonic manifestations sucking life from us. Oh, vampires are real. They are the dead, the spiritually dead. I cannot look at the lost without seeing the death of their spirits tainting their beauty and poisoning their selfish existences. How they feed upon one another, sucking life from one another, feeding themselves on the poisoned life-blood of others suffering from the same lack of life. And whenever possible they will feed off of the living as well. The saddest thing is that those who are spiritually alive allow it. We are not much better in our existence than the dead in too many cases, feeding off of one another, wounding and maiming one another, attacking the lifeless corpses around us, rather than bringing them the cure they so desperately need.
Lycanthrope plagues the living, corrupting the lives of those who should be pure and full of power. The power we choose to draw from too often originates from the natural condition that plagues us, and we wallow in the bestial nature of the lifeless around us. And I am one of them. A werewolf who struggles with my sinful nature, too often roaming the world in the form of a brute beast craving pleasure and blood. I feast daily, lapping up the blood from wounds I've inflicted, often on those closest to me. Only later, after nearly gutting them, do I come to my senses, transform back to my higher state of being and attempt to repair that which I have ravaged.
Oh God, deliver me from this animalistic state that has no attractiveness to the dead. Why should they give up their blood-sucking lifestyle when the living exist the same way?
And then there are the Dark Creatures that enslave so many. Vampires, for all their vaunted power, are powerless, slaves to the Trolls, Goblins, and other creatures of hell that more and more brazenly walk in the open, weaving enchantments like chains. Oh how they entice both the living and the dead, minions of the dragon and his spawn. Their numbers sicken me, and yet, I too find myself drawn to what they offer, too often supporting their foul agenda to destroy all of mankind eternally.
I don't support that idea specifically but I am guilty of forgetting that the pursuits of my life, laid out by these damnable beings, bear consequences that feed the frenzy of bloodletting.
Right now I am struggling to take hold of life. I have been seeking the Lifebringer, that I might feed upon his flesh as He commanded, and gain pure untainted life. To feed on others is a living death, even for the living. It sickens and only barely sustains. We take on the life of those we feed on and none but the living God offers pure life.
The problem is that we must come to him in human form requesting his life which he freely offers but never surrenders. And for me, to throw off the beast, to renounce the sinful cravings of this dark world, proves to be a test most sorely passed. His life tastes so sweet and satisfying when I feed upon it, yet the bitter-sweet taste of forbidden blood ever lingers on my tongue. How do I forsake it fully and find the cure for my lycanthrope?

The End

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