We'll never see the stars again...Mature

Short story about a Jewish boy who becomes engulfed into what is to become, "The night of the broken glass".

It was a quiet and dark night on the streets of Vienna. Me and my father had just come home from the synagogue, there was a strange feeling about today. It felt as though something was nearing. Something that didn't feel right.

We had slept well into the night, suddenly there was a sudden flash of steps coming from the hallway. It was father, and he had the most pale and scared look on his face. "Adir we must leave at once! There is fear that our shop is in flames!" I couldn't bring to myself at the time what to make of it. Scared? Angry? Shocked? All I knew was that we needed to see what was the matter. I robed myself as fast as I could and headed out the door. Father and I were running to our shop, as we passed by there was fire everywhere! People on the streets breaking windows with sledgehammers. My instincts told me why they were doing such things! It was the very least of our problems we had yet to face. We arrived at our grocery store, only to find the shattered glass on the floor of the street. Flames had engulfed the shop. I stood frozen as the memories of it flashed right in front of my eyes. Father collapsed on his knees and wept. I wanted to weep as well but nothing came out.

The whole street was in chaos. People screaming for their lives as SA stormtroopers killed innocent. The very same synagogue we had come from hours earlier was being ransacked. I....I just didn't know what to make of it. Then all of a sudden was a loud yell. "Hey you!" As I turned my eyes from the embers, it was directed to a man in a brown military uniform heading my way.....

The End

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