"well it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year!"

She sat back, leaning against the old bricks that had once been so familier to her. It was a strange feeling, almost as if she was looking at herself from above. It was like her life had become so surreal, like she was reading lines in some ITV drama!  She felt a sense of awe for the place she was in and pondered the time in between. Had so much really happened? Why had she come back here? There was nothing left of him here just these old bricks, and the memory of him sat on the grassy space beside her. There were no answers here and even if there were she wouldn't even know where to begin to articulate the mess of questions that swam and dived around her head all day long.

An hour passed, along with two white cars, a bus and an old man with a walking stick. It was as if she was numb and however much time passed, sitting against the cold wall, she didnt seem to make sense of the feeling. She wondered how long it would take her to feel normal again. And even what feeling normal was like! She stayed a while longer and watched a magpie fly from tree to tree and hop down onto the green in front.

oh crap! she thought, one for bloody sorrow!

And with that she sighed and stood up.

"best get on with this day of bad luck then" she said outloud to herself, noticing the grass stains on her trowsers. And for some reason she laughed outloud at herself and the idea of walllowing in a day of bad luck and self pity because of a magpie! And in that moment she thought "screw the bad luck laws! I make my own luck in this life, a stupid magpie isn't going to make a difference." And with that she marched down the road, empowered, and remebered something someone had once told her "if you smile it realises happy homones in your head and therefore you will feel happier." And so she did. And when she was sure no one was looking, she did one of those silly  'sping, ankle click in the air'  jumps, just to prove that magpie wrong!

The End

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