Cruel hopeMature

Well here I am again, another day another wasted attempt at freedom, it is impossible to escape and yet...there is always hope, the hope is the gap in the fence, how it bends in the wind and how it would be so easy to launch yourself up it. An easy way to die too, as, at random points in the day they shoot an alarmingly high voltage through the metal that causes almost instant death, but it takes long enough for the security camera to take a picture of the panic, the sheer terror, the look of despair in their eyes and then the whole picture is displayed on screens everywhere to show what happens to those who reach for the pointlessness that is freedom.

But there is always that hope, clearly displayed, left unguarded, beckoning you to leave and if you go then one way or another you will escape and it is so very tempting...

A light flares up in the sky signaling the daily speech of our "Loving Leader" we all begin to assemble around the nearest screen and the image of him begins to light up the screen.

He is a senior man, salt and pepper hair, overgrown eyebrows and a matching beared, he wears a black suit with no other colour to lighten his appearance, it makes his face sink and blend into the material, embodying death himself, our dear loving leader, the only colourful thing about him are his cold blue eyes which every now and then flash like the eyes of a madman. Our "Loving Leader!" Oh yes! He loves us so much that he keeps us locked up in here and will not let us leave. He loves us so much that he lets the people who guard us play their little game with the fence, killing the ones he loves so much, ha! Our "Loving Leader", it makes me sick! We all hate the way we live, we hate the one in charge of our lives who makes our day to day life a living hell.

And we stand, listening to a black hearted man's lying words.

The End

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