Welcome To The World

Story based around my writing exercise.

Callista Blair Thorn, a.k.a Cally, crouched behind the large synthetic boulder, trying to quiet her heavy breathing. Her eyes flickered from side to side, searching for an escape route. When she didn't see one, her head dropped. Two BOTs rounded the boulder on either side, trapping her, and aimed their guns.

Their fingers inched the trigger back, the barrel aiming a red laser at Cally's head - a kill shot, she knew by now. They always aimed for a kill. She took a deep breath and threw her hands out to the sides, towards the two BOTs. From her left hand soared a dagger, flying true; it embedded itself in the unfortunate BOT's throat, which seeped a shimmering blue liquid - their equivalent to human blood, and their energy source.

From her right flew a small, sharp needle. As it flew, the sunlight hit the tiny canister and revealed the deep, dark red that was diluted human blood - it wasn't fatal to the BOTs unless it was concentrated, but it was extremely strong and sensitive. It hit the BOT's forehead and sunk through the soft metal, releasing the blood. Both BOTs dropped to the ground, one destroyed and the other blacked out. Cally stood and ran to the one that was unconscious, heaving it up by the underarms and attempting to drag it away. Her team, consisting of two muscle-men and a laboratory technician, burst out from the bushes and came to help, the technician running portable scans to make sure the BOT would still function during interrogation.

After what seemed like only moments of walking in different directions, the team reached the USB's hidden base camp. The only hint was a flashing red light, hidden behind one of the larger shrubs. Cally knocked on the large brown door and a face peeked out of the slot, asking a silent question. Cally seemed to know the answer.

"Thorn, scarlet soldier, rank one; Summers, Base Four lab technician; Holt, indigo soldier, battalion five; Butler, indigo soldier, battalion eight. Mission 217 completed - target acquired," she announced clearly. The eyes watched her for a moment longer before disappearing. Almost instantly there was the clang of locks being pulled back and the door swung open, revealing a dimly-lit hallway.

The group moved through it until they reached another door, which opened into the actual camp. It was brightly lit, and Cally could see all the colourful tents set up in a large circle. Their leader, Commander Viktor Hellsing, stood to the side, waiting on them. He moved forward, patting Cally gently on the shoulder.

"Congratulations, Miss Thorn, on your success. You have done well," he began. Cally nodded quietly. "You two, take Subject Seventy-Two to Base Four," Holt and Butler walked away, carrying the BOT, while Summers trailed after them. Cally looked on after her team, feeling the warmth of satisfaction flood through her body.

Cally moved away from the Commander, who rushed off to Base Four for the BOT's interrogation. She made her way to her assigned tent, which was colored bright purple. She pushed open the flap and ducked inside, straightening as the flap closed behind her. A small padded bed lay against the wall of the tent, and her clothes were spilling out of several large duffel bags in the corner. She stepped over to them and pulled out a clean outfit, consisting of the classic black jeans and black shirt.

Cally left the tent again and walked over to the showers. She stripped down and stepped under, the pressurized stream erasing all existence of grime from her body. She felt instantly refreshed. When she was done, she put on the new outfit and tied her wet, curly and unmanageable hair up into a pony-tail. She dropped her clothes off at the chutes and left the base camp.

She stepped out into the damp, dark green of the forest and breathed in deeply. It was nice to have fresh air - going undercover required a lot of work, and a majority of it was underground. She strolled through the foliage, listening to the whistling of birds and the rustling of leaves. For once, she could relax.

The End

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