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"Marcos! Marcos get up! Get up, now!"

forcefully kicking his brother Vincent screamed again

"Get the hell up!"

Marcos turned in rage, his eyes still half glued though his frown was clear and fist clenched with malicious intent.

"Get the hell outta here u..."

He was too delirious to conjure up the remainder of the sentence and had already forgotten the kick that had so abruptly awaken him. Vincent looked down on him in disgust. The great urge to throttle his brother was overthrown by an intense anxiety he had never felt before.

"God help me Marcos you've really outdone yourself. Just when I thought my useless excuse for a brother could stoop no lower...."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"He's coming here! On his way now! To my house! To my house! You stupid prick!"

Vincent heaved his fist into Marcos's face as he lay dazed and helpless. The wretched sound of cracking bone echoed through the hollow room as Vincent through his fist down again. White foam began to spill from the sides of his mouth as he growled profanities through clenched teeth.

"Get up!"

Pulling Marcos by the hair he dragged him to the floor.

"Vincent please! Please stop!" Marcos cried holding onto his brothers wrists to ease the throbbing pain. Vincent drew a long breath, feeling immediate guilt after looking into the eyes of his younger sibling. He released him through glared intently into Marcos’s tearful eyes. Silva dripped from his glistening mouth as he calmed.

"Zannetti. He's on his way now! I don’t know how the fuck he knows where you are but you've been fucking careless somewhere along the drug addled line" he drove his foot into Marcos's stomach then watched his brother squirm on the floor for a few moments. "I should have disowned you a long time ago. Your a worthless junkie, dragging me down into a pit you let yourself fall into! I've got a family Marcos! He shouted "A wife and kids! This is my home! And now what? I’m in as much shit as you because I let you in!

Vincent began to pace the room, the floorboards creaking at regular intervals beneath him. his eyes grew wider as cold sweat ran down his reddened face.

"He'll kill us all now........where the hell are we supposed to go"

Marcos watch his brother striding from left to right, then back again. Sure enough he was awake now though ceased to understand his brothers idiom. Marcos had left New York some time ago, and surely there was no way Zannetti could find him here? besides how did Vincent know that Zannetti was coming? He had cut all ties from the deal in Brooklyn! Of course he knew his actions would not have been forgotten but he had kept his head down, only told those who were concerned. His brother and Mariana, Vincent's wife! Marcos paused for a moment.

"Where's Maria?"

Vincent sharply turned back to his brother "What the hell has that got to do with anything?"

Vincent’s expression slowly warped as he towered over his brother. Marcos had never seen this face before. a pale look of crazed thought. Vincent began pacing again. "Shut up! Don’t you even dare Marcos! She’s my wife! My wife!"

Suddenly a sharp blundering clatter bellowed up the stair case as Marcos leaped to his feet. The sound of heavy footsteps shock the hearts of the two brothers as the stood frozen, glaring into each others glistening wide eyes!

The End

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