Inner, part 1

This will be a small welcome mat into the mind of moi~

We all start somewhere don't we? But where do most of us go once we have started? Are we doomed to wander this world until our body's crumble and crack under our own weight? Until we are forced to take shelter in our own mind? But i don't think I'm being very clear. Back to basics. I stand in the middle of a pitch black night, a light fog at my feet slowly slithers by as if not to touch anything but itself. To the left, the wrought iron gate stretches miles into the darkness.

And only its twin waits to the right. Straight ahead is a large stone door. It's smooth, and warm to the touch. At least twenty feet high. But at the top is a hanging sign, one of the chains holding up is long rusted away. As it swings slowly back and forth in the eerie night, I can only make out the words. "Inner". Now when I look forward again, the large stone door has swung open. Silently, this dark world shifts around me as if not to wake some slumbering beast.

A darkness that even darkness itself fears. Now before me lies a long, winding, broken path. It disappears and reappears over depressed rolling hills, and ending at the tip of a cliff. "This is home.." I said to myself quietly. My voice echoing forever in the empty stillness. As I make my way past the large stone doors, they silently close themselves behind me.

And it is here I am locked forever. On the edge. Wondering what is down in the fog just past this cliff. But I will take my time getting there. I mean, it would only be smart to learn as much about nothing as possible right? This vast.. Unending... Inner...

The End

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