Nightmares and FriendsMature

I look up at myself in the mirror, thin with glowing skin, my scars gone forever due to the medication I had taken like a good girl, the bruise on my throat healed and gone. I locked the door and turned on the shower and let the water flow so they'd think I was washing up. On my counter is everything I have kept hidden, the bleach, contacts, scissors, and funny looking clothes, my phone was in my hand. 

20 minutes. I press send, he'll understand. 

I look at myself one more time, this time noticing something I hadn't seen before, a locket like the one with the picture of my mother and I... but it's different, I lift it so I can see it better and open it to see a picture of Josh and I... I slowly taking it off, I nuzzle it deep in a pocket of my bag, where no one will see. I take in my dark auburn loose curly hair and green eyes, and squeeze my eyes shut. I glance at the box nervously and pull out the note that makes my stomach turn. 

I'll always find you, no matter how good you are at Hide and Seek. 


My eyes shoot open and I gasp for air, I was dreaming again, it wasn't a memory though... it was a true nightmare. 

"Kimber, are you okay?" a male voice asks.

"Josh?" I ask "Why are you here so early?"

"It's 11:45, your nurse said she tried to wake you several times and you were unresponsive, you didn't sound too good when you woke up... is everything okay?"

Instead of answering I leap out of bed and into his arms, giving him a hug, and sinking my fingers through his hair before pulling him towards me and kissing him hungrily. My heart stops when our lips touch, I haven't been able to kiss him in months, it felt so... perfect, I felt whole, and all I wanted was more. 

"Eeehmm" a female voice groans. I break away a few seconds later and see Nicole looking a bit agitated. 

"Crap... I completely forgot you were coming too, I'm sorry Nicole"

"It's fine lovebirds..." She reaches down her shirt and pulls out a small bag with a contact holder in them, she removes it from the bag, and passes it to me. "I assume these are for you?"

I open it to see the colored contacts I had asked for. 

"Thank you both" I whisper before slipping it in the hole behind my bed. 

"Sooooo...." Nicole drags out her words. "Are you gonna tell us what this plan is?"

The End

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