Sweet DreamsMature

I got through the rest of the day with ease, around 10-10:15 is when people should be reporting to their rooms if they aren't already there, and the nurses will come around and make sure every person is accounted for in their own bed, and that their paper cup from the morning is completely empty. I lay in mine, my one sleeping pill I take hidden beneath my pillow, I had to talk to Josh before I got knocked out. My nurses brushes in softly and swiftly and exits a few seconds later, I wish she was always this quite. When I know that nobody will come around for a while I pull out the phone, and call Josh. He picks up on the 3rd ring. 


"Who else would it be silly goose?!" I tease. "I have information" 

"Good or Bad?" he asks no longer in a carefree playful mood. 

"Good.. for the most part, I need you to research someone for me... His name is Kevin Moloe, see if he has a connection to me or my dad somehow" 

"Why? Who's he?" 

"A doctor here, my therapist even said how weird it was because he's always wanting to be on my case and he isn't my doctor, she's researching but you'll be able to work faster and more diligently... want the good news now?"

"Yes" he beams excitedly.

"I can have visitors.. like without a guard, in my room just me and them, and I can approve and disapprove of people! Isn't that great?" I say a tiny bit loud for a girl who's "asleep". 

"Wow that's wonderful Kimber! This makes the plan so much easier too!"

"I know, speaking of that... Cassie got something for us. She was sneaking around in areas not accessible for patients, and I have no idea how she got there but she did... anyways, she found a huge bottle of bleach, and it's hidden in her room for whenever I need it. When can you visit?"

"Tomorrow. I'll come at noon" He says strongly.

"Okay, bring me something?"

"Can it fit in Nicole's bra if I were to bring her too?" he asks.

"Yes" I giggle "Hazel eye contacts, please and thank you."

"Kimber... at some point do you plan on filling anyone in on this plan of yours?"

"Of Course baby... Not over the phone, never over the phone, maybe tomorrow in person."

"Alright, we've talked too long haven't we?" he sighs.

"Yeah, guards are coming in two minutes and I gotta hide this, I'm sorry, I love you with everything in me Josh, please thank Nicole too. See you guys tomorrow bye"

"Bye Angel, I love you too, sweet dreams, I'll see you very soon."

I hang up and stash the phone before they come and dry swallow the capsule before everything becomes blurry and I'm off to the world of sleep... or in my case nightmares. 

The End

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