Visitors and Dr. MaloeMature

"Yes…" I respond shakily"

"You are now permitted to have visitors in your room with no guards that meet the standards of our test and that you are comfortable seeing!"

"So…I get the final say on if I can see them or not?" 

"Of course, you're making progress… we wouldn't wanna trigger anything" 

"So if I were to say no to talking to my father… he would have to accept it?"


I'm so relieved and excited now, I could cry. This makes everything so much easier. 

"By the way Kimber, we've contacted your friends and delivered this message to them, and now it's about time for your session with Kelly"

"Yes Ma'am!"


"Did you have it permitted?" I ask her gleefully

"Yes actually... I knew you were getting stressed out and seeing Josh and Nicole with a guard standing watching wouldn't be the same as being in your room alone with them, especially with Josh... if you catch my drift"

I grinned knowingly "Anyways.." I sing trying to change the subject "What's our topic today?"

"Well... What do you want to talk about?"

"That doctor from this morning... Who is he?" I ask eagerly.

"Oh... Dr. Maloe, Kevin Maloe... he's been he a little over six months and he wants to control everything, especially with every incident involving you, is he a person from your past because this is very intriguing"

"Not that I'm aware of... I don't have an access to a computer and I don't feel safe with him, he could be a threat is there any way you could do some research on him for me?" I ask with a pleading voice.

"Well... I probably shouldn't and he'd probably be entirely pissed if he found out, but one my priority is for you to feel safe, and two I'm interested to know about this too, I believe every word you've told me about your father Kimber, you show no signs of insanity, you do have depression, anxiety, a eating disorder, and self-harm issues but you aren't insane. All of that fear and sadness had to come from somewhere and I believe it's from your dad. Just promise me one thing... please?"

"Oh course Kelly... I swear"

"Tell no one... and when your released, go nowhere near your father"

"That was always my intention"

The End

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