The Hole In The WallMature

Day 27: 
Today I feel like we have made great progress, Cassie haws found and secured a bleach bottle, I have a suspect for who could be sneaking my "gifts" into my desk without anything being amiss, that doctor from this morning was very defendant of my father, I've never seen him before how does he even know me? He isn't my doctor, I'll have to do some investigating on him ASAP. I still have a while until I'll being able to pull this off, but I have faith in this plan.

I stop writing in my journal to make sure everything is still there, I move the rickety old bed with ease to see the hollow hole I had punched in and carved with the razor my father sent me. "Thanks dad" I think to myself "Your scheme to hurt me, actually helped". I grabbed the Zip-Lock bag filled with my sleeping pills, I took one a night and stored the other two here I had been keeping them for the past two weeks… 28 pills, I won't need this much but just in case. An ID badge… my sub nurse from that one day… Jennifer Rodgers.

 I remember her I tripped her and pretended I had been stretching while she was on the ground I slipped her ID right off her hip acting as if I was brushing her off after lifting her up. I had stuffed it in my sports bra, and later that day I heard her talking to the guard saying she'd never taken it off, they came through every room she has covered and I stuffed my box along with her ID in the hole and laid on my bed as they searched. They searched me as well and thanked me for my corporation. 

I brought myself back to reality and studied her appearance, She had light blonde hair, deep hazel eyes and freckles. She was about my same height. There was a stash of money… some stolen, some earned, some I brought with me here, It amounted out to $1500, I'd make it work, a special syringe filled with what I'll need when the plan is completely ready and in effect, I'll have to contact Josh and Nicole and Cassie before deciding when to strike, and the last thing in the bag was lots of makeup.  Finally a cross body bag to pack all this stuff and hide somewhere else if I needed too. I hear someone walking and I think it's my nurse, I check the clock, it's almost time for my session with Kelly she was probably coming to remind me.  I move the bed back into place and then lay onto it, and pretend to sleep… again. The door opens, and her annoying voice fills my ears "Kimber, I have some great news." 


The End

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