The Plan Is In AffectMature

The tears flow steadily and I just want to hide in my covers... what's stopping me? I can come up with an excuse for not showing up at the discussion group, its more like circle time for the crazies. I calm myself down, using the breathing techniques Kelly taught me I finally find myself sleepy and drift off for a while. I wake up because I hear someone coming, probably my nurse telling me to go to discussion I quickly pretend to fall asleep again. When she enters she doesn't sound chipper... she doesn't even sound like, I look up to see someone completely different. 

"Don't pretend to be asleep on account of me" She smirks as she speaks. It's only Cassie, one of my few friends in here, she isn't crazy either, she has an eating disorder. 

"Hey Cassie, you scared me, I thought you were my nurse"

"I know, I know... I came to check on you" She uses little air quotations on the last three words. "No really, I wanted to check on you, but I wanted to talk... about it"

"Lower your voice!" I snarl. "Someone may hear you!"

"Okay, Okay! I don't have to tell you about what I found in the basement then"

"Wait no! Cassie I'm sorry, Please tell me."

"How do you feel about being blonde...? I found a huge bottle of bleach, it's hidden in my room"

"Perfect! Alright I hear someone enough talking about this for today..."

She nods. "Sorry for the lack of small talk today, just thought you'd wanna know, be back soon"

"Bye. Keep my informed?"

"You too. Anything else by the way?... for your box?"

"No... he wants me to feel safe, then he'll strike again."

The End

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