The Memories Haunt MeMature

I move through the cafeteria line quietly and swiftly as usual, it's waffle and egg day! My favorite, I grab a bowl of cereal as well, my nutritionist will approve, vitamin water and utensils.  When I approach the "checkout",so the lunch lady can record what I'm eating, I noticed a role of packing tape. I flinched and stepped away from everyone, when the woman tried to ask me what was wrong, I screamed... A nurse soon approached with a syringe in hand.

"Kimber" she cooed.

"NOOO! NOT AGAIN! STOP IT, STOP IT!" I heaved between shaking and crying fits. When I squeezed my eyes shut, I felt the needle penetrate my skin.... That always means a memory I've tried to repress will appear.

"Kimber..." he called. "Where are you?" 

"Mom isn't home" I think to myself, I look around for an escape route from my comfy bed. The Window! I try lifting if but find myself to weak, I wrap my hand in a nearby t-shirt and I hear his footsteps approaching, I punch through the glass not caring if he hears, just as long as I can get away. As I begin to jump through I feel myself being yanked back in. 

"No! You didn't think you'd get away that easily did you?" he asks holding up the syringe filled with what I know is a sedative that won't allow me to move or speak anything more than a low yelp. In the other hand is the packing tape so I can't fight the needle. The needle is approaching my arm...

My eyes shoot open, I'm in a holding room. My one and only comfort object is sitting inches from my face as I lay in a padded bed. Nurses, Doctors, and my therapist, Kelly, are all hovering over me. 

"How do you feel Kimber?" my therapist asks.

"Hungry!" I spit and grab the Winnie- The- Pooh stuffed animal. "I was perfectly fine until the nurse came, I got a little scared, but was fine. Can I at least eat, while y'all interrogate me?"

She looks at the doctors who bring in my tray filled with food. 

"Why were you scared Kimber? What do you think made you feel that way?" Kelly asked

"The packing tape... it scared me first, but my outburst was due to the syringe and packing tape put together"

"Why is that scary?" she purred.

"Because my dad used to use those things to do awful things to me." I breathed. 

"Your dad isn't a bad person Kimber, once you accept that, you'll be better off..." one of the nurses spat at me

"How do you know? Do you have evidence to prove it??"

"He brought you here to get help, he wouldn't do that if he were a bad person now would he?" 

Kelly looked aggravated at the "doctor". I threw my head down, refusing to answer anymore questions. 

The End

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