"I fall in love "

There I was so close to death.
  or I thought I was about to be chicken soup . There jamie white raven was just about hit me with a spell .

“No I mean she not, I meant kissing her was?” I said
“just let it go jamie “jared said at the same time he and jacob pulled james away from me as they did that Tineke ran out of the room and just left me there  to die.
 “where is she going ? “ I look around no said anything , I did not even recognize  my own voice “ hey sis what up!” Jamie hurried to get his sister, the girl of my dreams just ran out the door.
    “ Crab, Goyle get over here “ I yelled & the look on their face, said there were scared. Good  “ ya Draco was’ t up “ crab said
  “hey what is it “ said Goyle
 I gave one of my mean smiles, & they now what happens next. “ Oh boy here we go again” crab signed
  “ & for the last time boy, because I think I found her.!” 
“The girl of my dreams !” I sighed. ‘
                           *  *  *
“So.... what are we going to do now?” Crab said. Not peeling off me,
I thought for a moment “ We wait for her to come in.”
                          *  *  *

It took her at least two hours for her to come back, When she did, It was near dinner time,So Instead, I headed to the dinner hall to what there
                          *  *  *
   Tia walked by the table, she stopped “Is it okay if we sit here” I looked to the large group, but my eyes focused on Tineke.

“Uh...Y- yes” i stuttered helplessly,
everyone sat down, and Tineke sat across of me. She pushed the food around on her plate,”Tineke , are you okay?”i realized my voice sounded to panicked. When she looked up from her food and looked into my eyes. i thought i love  would kill me right then & there.
 All of a sudden, she  jumped out of her chair swiftly and ran around the table.
I stood up and looked down on her beautiful face. her body collapsed,into my arms, i held her tight in my arms.
  “Tineke,you’ll be okay. i promise.” I whispered into her hair,with my nose sitting perfectly on the the top of her head. she held on even more tightly onto me. “Draco, are you okay did jamie hurt you at all” she ask checking me out to see if i had any cuts or bruises. i look down at the the face of a angel.” i’ m fine Tineke “ i said i pulled her gently  to her seat but she stumbled a little bit but i caught her before her fall.
 “hey easy,”taylor said, she look up at me “ and you got to be careful” she snapped at me.
 “hey easy-off tay, chill out i slipped” she yelled at she taylor. the look on her face showed pure fear of her cousin “hey Tink are you okay” i ask once she heard my voice she collapsed on the bench, she nodded “ I ‘m so sorry Ta-Ta” Tineke said
Taylor nodded 

                                                *  *  *

I left the white raven’s to talk in the lounge of are dorm. Once I got to my bed, i quickly change into my Pj’ s
I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The End

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