Welcome to slytherin

Year 1-Tineke
 The days go by & I wonder why my life is so dull, why do the trees look so much  brighter on  the other side? why can’t the dark side have them too? But nothing has looked brighter to me,or my family for centuries & that really sucks. 

“What coven do you think we are  going to be in cuz” said  Tia when I looked around we were almost there.
“ Well slytherin, duh.....” said Tineke
     “Thats right sis” said Jamie
So we hurried off the train & ran to the trollies
then we  headed to Hogwart’ s ,
  Once that we were organized into are covens  & dumbledore  finished his speech,  
We were  finally ready eat.
“So what did you do over the summer cuz?” said Jacob
“Well, duh you now you where their, stupid..” I said,
 “Oh ya your right cuz, that silly of me to forget huh?”
I Rolled my eye’s at him. He smiled’ s &  someone busted  into laughter
“What are you laughing at ” “It better  be Potter, jacob “
I galled  at him
“Malfoy’s laughing at you, Not me!!” He said looking a little up set,& I look over to see Draco  malfoy laughing
 “oh shut up malfoy” 

It was so stupid that Hogwart’s is now for  half -mugol’s huh.
Thank god my brother look at me & I said,
     “hey did you see Potter’s  face in the stairwell? It was so stupid right”
   “sure was funny cuz!!”said jared  But when my brother snuck a look at me that really bugged me.... my brother & the rest of my family can read minds

 My brother new I was hiding something ,  from them that  didn’t now about. Errrrrr  I hate it when he get in my head like that!!!!!
   “Oh for crying out loud just ask all ready “ I did not I just screech that  oh god!really I suck.....
       “Sis, what is your problem,... seriously.. “ my brother look unbearable look to at me 
  “not thing never mind “ as I got out of my seat & hurried  out of the dinner hall  I was half way to the dorm by I was stop sort because Mr .Malfoy
was yelling  at some, so I  moved a little closer  to see how it was.
 “I’m sorry dad “ that person said
 “ that is not good enough draco “Mr, malfoy said
Oh god am I listening to this, Oh goddamn it what was that spell!!!!

   “Oh goddess “ I whisper
when I look again they where looking at me
I turn bright red 
   “Ummmm  sorry I was just passing through “ I was blush so bad I  probably looked silly God I feel so stupid 
 “That fine  right dad “ draco said
  “yes that is right son , Miss White raven “
    “Mr,Malfoy “ I said snoozed
I am so go to tell mother about this as I smiled to myself .
as I pushed passed   Draco he grabbed  my arm
  “how much of that did you hear White raven “
he snarled  
  “What the matter Malfoy, scared  I’m tell “ as I pulled my arm back from him , but when he first grabbed my arm ,, it was so weird. but the weirdest thing he grabbed my hand instead , when he did that,   I shuddered
  “yes i-it dose “ he looked a little wobbly 
  “are you okay draco “
    he released my arm & he stopped moving
  “ya I’m fine, never mind , bye Tineke “he walked into the dorm  I let out my breathe That I apparently have bind holding in. I turn to look after him, when someone pulled me into there arms & kissed me when they let go of me. I looked  into the eyes of Draco Malfoy once I cot my breathe I said
 “what-gasp- was-gasp- that for “ I managed to get out.
     “I don’t now I,just?” the look on his face said it all what he  meant it “I think I’m in love with you Tineke”
Oh my goddess did he just say that!!
   “Wow, umm Draco are you okay?”because he was not letting go of my arm so I moved my arm a little bit hoping he would notices.
   “Oh I’m sorry” he let go of my arm “hey you wanted to go in you said ”opening the door for me.I walk in the door & said thank you.
and pretty much ran up the stair’s, hurried  into the girls dorm room. Hurried to find my spell book’s
“& if I was  right .....yes  I was “

“hey Draco come here please “I said
     “hey was u...?”he stop short cause I zap him
“what is your  problem Tineke!” he yelled at me” thank goddess your back to normal “I gushed out of relief 
  “hey sis did you kick Malfoy’s big butt or something” said my brother “No, jamie draco over here just kissed me, so I started  to think ,’hey he met be under at cruse ‘ so I was nice & Un - cruse him so ya, thank you very much”
 jamie looked shocked  a bit “he kissed you” he look over to draco who now was standing  between crab,and goil ! “hey I didn’t do it on propose like she said I was under a curse so It was probably a mistake” “so are you saying my sister is a mistake” push the twins on there sides and get all in draco’s   face which was, to close for comfort
  “No I mean she not, I meant kissing her was?”
“just let it go jamie “jared said at the same time he and jacob pulled james away from draco as they did that I ran out of the room and did not stop

The End

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