This is going to be about high school, seen through many different characters. Feel free to add, but it would be much appreciated if you stayed in the situation we were talking about. c:

   Here we go again, I thought as I walked through the double doors that creaked when you opened them. I looked around and saw all of the familiar faces, and people trying to find their groups. You could tell who the freshman are because their schedules were pressed to their confused faces. I remember those days, being confused, weird, but innocent. High school really changes you.

   "Mel!" Hailey screamed as she ran towards me and grabbed me.

   "Holy shit! Hailey?! You're back?! Why didn't you tell me!" I yelled at her. Hailey had been forced to move to Alabama two years ago. I don't know why anyone would leave New York for Alabama. It was too strange.

   "Give me your schedule!" she said, grabbing for it from my bag.

   "Do we have anything together?" I asked insistently.

   "Oh my God!! We have the same schedule! This is great!"

   We both continued shrieking like little girls in the middle of the hallway. We got strange looks from the freshman, but who cared? I sure didn't. I had my Hailey back, so nothing could ruin this moment.

The End

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