Welcome to Nano-City.

When no one can die. How do you live?

Welcome to Nano-City.

At this time I should go over some background info for you, to help catch you up to speed.

Now before you entered the city, you recieved a shot, in that shot were "blank" state nano-machines, these will help insure your survival against almost anything, they go where they're needed and assist in your bodies natural ability to regenerate.

There are other starting state Nanites (another name for the nano-machines) that will be able to strength muscle tisues and improve electrical flow through the body they are called "Muscle" nanites and "Energy" nanites respectively.

Nanites only operate within the safety of the city dome, while in the city you are immortal. How you choose to exercise that immortality is up to you.

If you are an entry level program member your "blank" nanite count will be about 30 Trilion, that will be sufficient to regenerate from any type of damage in a matter of Hours.
If however you are one of the lucky winners of the super entry program, you will recieve almost 400 Trillion "blank" nanites, and 10 Billion of the "Muscle" and "Energy" types as our way of saying thank you for your perticipation in our program.

Remember the purpose of the city is as a testing ground for the nanites to see how immortallity actually affects everyday people, so while your in the city there are a few questions that you should ask yourself.
In a city where no one can die, how do you live?
Our studies have shown thus far that when the threat of death is removed humans actions are vastly different than when it existed.
A word of warning. A group of anti-society activists have found a way to deactivate the nanites in extreme situations, be weary of strangers offering quick hits of additional nanites as they may be leading you to your death, which when the nanites are deactivated is quite possible.

About Nanites abilities:
"blank" state, these are generic nanites that serve only one purpose, to supplement your regenerative capabilities to easily ten thousand times the normal human rate, they also oversee the healing process to ensure that you not only heal quickly, but also correctly.

"muscle" state, these actively restore your bodies muscles and strengthen the tissues, allowing for superior to standard human strength, speed and endurance. the more of this type of nanite, the stronger, and faster you become.

"energy" state, the most controversial, which seems silly on the surface as their function is the improve the flow of energy through your body. This however means that not only are your reflexes going to be improved exponentially, but the electrical activity in the brain is also improved. Note: this doesn't make you smarter, but it does mean that you can think faster, with only 1 Billion of these nanites an individual can think and act at twice the speed of someone without the energy nanites. The controversy of this nanite came about when an individual accrued 1 Trillion of these nanites. He was faster than a non-energy nanite individual could see. It wouldn't have been a problem, if it wasn't for the fact he was an activist. He is to date the only documented case of control deactivating an individuals nanites. Which, sadly, resulted in his death.

The End

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