Chapter ThreeMature

I woke up to a cold chill on my back. Sitting up, I stretched my arms above my head, glancing around for Lance. "Mrrow?"

"Morning." He was standing in the little kitchen, a smile on his face.

"Morning..." I crossed my legs, settling into a comfortable position. "How are you?"

"Just fine. how did you sleep?"

"Much better than I have been." I had to fight the purr rising in my throat.

"I could tell. You snore. Loudly."

I felt my cheeks grow hot. "Sorry...."

He laughed. "It's fine."

And then my stomach decided to protest. "Shh!" I covered my belly, my face beat red.

"Hungry?" He chuckled.

"A little?" I answered softly.

He tossed me an apple. "I need to go shopping, I don't have much to eat this morning."

I smiled. "This is more than what I ate the last two days...."

"Well we will have to change that won't we?" He smiled. "Get  cleaned up, we are going to the store."

((this isn't done!! I just have to go to work..... soooo I will finish this tomorrow morning if I can!!))

The End

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