Chapter OneMature

I was born Jessica Layne. My parents adopted me two years after my parents were killed in a 'car crash'. I was five. It wasn't until I turned ten that I found out the truth about my bloodline.

Midnight, the start of my tenth year of life, a mysterious white light came to me. From the light, a woman's voice spoke.

She called herself Selene. She told me that she was the goddess of the moon. She told me I was a Guardian. A protector of humans. And one of the few left of the original pure bloodlines. She told me the story of how she created them.

"Guardians are my second creation, the first being a failed attempt at the same idea. I took the most beautiful and pure of the human emotions and formed a spirit that was free of such things as anger and jealousy. Pure love and kindness in a physical form. Look, little one, at your true self."

I glanced at that mirror, my silver hair and eyes glowing in her light. But some thing had changed.

Dark silver ears, much like a cat's, and a tail.

The goddess touched my forehead, a calm warmth spreading through out my body. "You are my youngest Guardian, one of the few left. Stay safe, My little one..." And the light disappeared.

But she was not gone.


Eight years later, I told my parents. Then, I landed in the loony bin, the mental hospital. I waited for three months, feeling the pull of the moon each night. The next full moon, I clawed my way out, fighting and biting.

I disappeared into the night. Freedom at last, and a new fire sparking in my heart.

I smiled, my fangs glinting in the moonlight. "I am not crazy. I am free. And I am coming for you, Mom and Dad...

The End

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