Welcome To My Mind (Be Warned Of Its Occupants)Mature

Okay, just to clarify, the *'s and italics are used when they're talking to her inside her head, but when she's in Dāto-Machi, they just appear to talk normally.

*Ayamè...* A voice hissed in my mind. Rolling my eyes, I sent a quick message back: *Not now! I'm in class!*

I could sense the disgruntlement coming off Asuka in waves, and I gritted my jaw, before raising my hand. "Miss Jaaue?" I asked sweetly. She turned to me, her clipboard held out in front of her chest and gripped with petite hands.

"Yes, Eve?" The teacher asked. 

"Well, you see, I'm not really feeling that well." I grimaced, clutching a hand to my stomach as I appeared to bend over the desk in pain.

"Do you need to go home?" Her neatly plucked eyebrows rose in concern, and I nearly grinned like a shark before remembering that I was 'sick'. 

"I don't know, I don't want to miss class, but..." I let the sentence trail off before pretending to wince as fake pain went through my body.

"Nonsense, if you're feeling ill, you should rest. I'll email you the class plan tonight, how does that sound?" She insisted, and I could practically feel Hideki's smirk.

"Thank you so much!" I let gratefulness color my tone, and attempted to smile through the 'pain' I was feeling.


*You're an asshole, you know that?* I grumbled to Hideki. *We'll be talking about this when we got home.*

I was on the bus, slouching in my seat while trying to cover my legs with my skirt. Damn, it was cold out. And I was so tired, my legs felt like bricks as I dragged them to the front of the bus, thanking the driver as I got off and started my trek up the hill to my house.

The ground was slippery with ice, so I was extremely careful as I picked my way up the slope, avoiding particularly bad spots of black ice on the crumbling concrete sidewalk. 

Climbing wearily up the steps to my front door, I searched around in my bag for my keys, shouting in triumph as my fingers closed around them.

Now, the thing about my keys is that there's about two of them. I have around 17 keychains, though.

When the lock finally clicked open, I had to brace my weight against the door and push, shoving the stubborn door open. I quickly blocked the small space with my foot (just in case. Heaven forbid one of the pets get out and wreak havoc on the relatively calm neighbourhood.)

Slipping in, I dumped my bag beside the door and wandered upstairs, collapsing on my bed and rolling onto my back with a huff before closing my eyes and relaxing, allowing my mind to slip inside...


In Dāto-Machi, there weren't a lot of things that could harm me. I was as safe as I'd ever be.

I opened my eyes to find darkness.

Frowning, I blinked, and light exploded. Silhouettes of buildings blurred in my vision, but I knew they were there. I just had to wait for my eyes to focus.

Not my real eyes, of course. I was in my Tamashī form. My real body lay on my bed, appearing to be sleeping peacefully. I was in my mind world, something nobody but me could ever see.

Well, nobody but Hideki and Asuka. They lived in Dāto-Machi.

I don't know why, but they've been in my head since I was five. Usually, though, they didn't bother me while I was in school. They took care of the city, instead.

"It's Asuka." Hideki informed me gravely. My forehead crinkled in worry. Nothing had ever been wrong with Asuka except that one time when I was seven and got lost in the forest. I had met a fox there, who led me back, but Asuka had disappeared from inside my head for the duration of that time.

She had come back later looking drained and weary, but somehow satisfied. I don't know what happened, and she's never told me.

She was frowning at the side of a building (probably Gadsi, because that one's always moody).

But the fact that Asuka was frowning didn't bother me. The spiderweb cracks in the brick did.

"You do know that when you get stressed, you hurt Dāto-Machi too, right?" She sighed, turning towards me. "You should be careful with your Fōsu-Seikatsu."

Feeling sorry, I scraped a tiny scrap of happiness together and uncurled my fingers. In my palm sat a small gray pot, cloth covering the top and a small rough horsehair brush lying next to it. Asuka shot me a look, but started repairing the walls anyways.

I ran a hand through my hair.

Sometimes having an inner mind-world was difficult.

The End

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