Welcome to My Mind

Welcome to the end of the world, yes welcome to my mind. Everything you see and hear, IS original. My mind works in a unfiltered, cluttered mess. Please don’t try to clean it up, it’ll just become ruined again. Leave it alone and eventually, one day it will be right again. Your welcome here as long as you don’t go poking yourself where you shouldn’t be. Now if you will, please, keep your hands to yourself, don’t be pushing people around. If you want to annoy someone please leave my establishment this instant.

Thank You,

-Brebelles’ Mind

EDIT made by Manager Blossom Ruoqen:

Blossom Ruoquen:

In light of the later conversation (or monologue) I would find great joy and deep seated satisfaction in adding, along with the previous rules and adjacent regulations, to the conundrum which is bri-on’s mind, that flatulence and prevarication will not be tolerated and ….is not fly….word

The End

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